Saturday, 6 April 2013


Behind the Scenes in Haiti
©Martha Adams, Richard E. Robbins, Gina Nemirofsky,

Girl Rising is a film that may do more to bring about the universal education of girls than all the speeches from the world’s politicians. The moving documentary tells the story of nine young girls from nine countries who confront tremendous obstacles to get an education and to achieve a sense of freedom.

Each girl’s story is written by an eminent woman writer from her country, and the literary list includes Edwidge Danticat of Haiti, Aminatta Forna of Sierra Leone and Mona Eltahawy of Egypt.

Nine well-known actresses narrate the stories, speaking for the girls in gripping fashion as they share their experiences, their fears and their dreams. Among the actresses are Meryl Streep, Salma Hayek, Kerry Washington and Cate Blanchett.

“If to see it is to know it, this film delivers hope; reasonable, measurable, tangible hope that the world can be healed and helped to a better future,” states Streep.

Produced by the social action campaign 10x10 and directed by Academy Award nominee
Director Richard Robbins
Richard Robbins, Girl Rising “showcases the strength of the human spirit and the power of education to change the world”, say the filmmakers.

Among the stories told is that of Sokha, an orphaned Cambodian girl who has to pick through garbage to survive. But, through a few “miracles”, Sokha manages to attend school and becomes a star student. She now helps to tutor younger pupils.

The film comes amid global concerns about the rights of women and girls and is a timely reminder of the work still to be done. 

As the 10x10 campaign says: “Around the world, millions of girls face barriers to education that boys do not. And yet, when you educate a girl, you can break cycles of poverty in just one generation. Removing barriers to girls’ education - such as early and forced marriage, domestic slavery, sex trafficking, gender violence and discrimination, lack of access to healthcare, school fees - means not only a better life for girls, but a safer, healthier, and more prosperous world for all.”

Girl Rising opens in theatres in several countries this month.  For the official trailer and more information on the campaign, go to: